the catalyst foundation for aids

Prevention and Outreach

Through a targeted out-reach program, The Catalyst Foundation focuses on populations at high risk of HIV/HCV infection this includes people who are low income, home-less, abuse substances, and other disadvantaged. The outreach staff provides non-judgmental and compassionate education and free testing in the field and in the office for high-risk groups.

Street Outreach

Indigenous program staff who personally relate to those we serve conduct outreach activities in settings where those most at risk of contracting HIV/HCV congregate.

Community Partnership Outreach

Program staff conducts outreach at local partnering agencies that serve persons at risk of HIV/HCV.

FREE HIV Testing and Counseling

Rapid oral HIV testing (results available in 20 min) provided in the field & at our facility. Those testing positive are referred to The Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center for expert HIV treatment and other services.

Connections and Support for Substance Abuse Treatment

Program staff provides referrals to community substance abuse providers and offer support by following through with referrals.

Community HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention

Presentations and trainings are provided throughout our community to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention and the connection between disease, risky behavior and childhood abuse and trauma.

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