the catalyst foundation for aids

Prison Reform

Catalyst Foundation operates with a strong commitment to redemption. Since 2004, Catalyst has provided rehabilitative programming in the prisoner-initiated Honor Program at California State Prison-Los Angeles County. Founded in 2000, the Honor Program is an example of a healing community in the most unlikely place, a maximum security prison. Catalyst supports the expansion of the Honor Program concept throughout the California prison system as an important vehicle in reducing crime, violence, and recidivism. In 2010, Dr. Lawrence founded The Catalyst Foundation Trauma-Informed Social Change Movement dedicated to finding creative and practical solutions to the social problems created by the cumulative impact of widespread childhood abuse and other forms of human trauma.

“Prison is perhaps the clearest example of the impact of childhood abuse and trauma on society. We work tirelessly to create transformational change and healing within our prisons by promoting the inspiring concept that all human beings have inherent worth and value, including those who owe a debt to society.” Susan Lawrence, M.D. Founder and Former CEO of The Catalyst Foundation